Are You A Mother Experiencing Burnout & Need Relief?

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As we face the daily challenges that the COVID-19 has thrown at us, I would want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt love and support to you and your family. You, like me, are probably debating whether to send your children back to school or to allow them to learn online at home. All of this while juggling a slew of other responsibilities, all at the expense of your overall well-being. Although we are experiencing difficult times, I am a strong believer that now is not the time to live in fear or give up hope for the future. As a educator, I chose to use this opportunity to provide you with tools to keep your spirits up.


Who exactly am I?


My name is Elease A. Wiggins, and I am a mother of two pursuing a Psy.D. in counseling psychology, college professor, speaker, and author. Not so long ago, I was a single mother on public assistance. What happened to make things different? Inside of 24 months, I learned a strategy that enabled me to transition into a Tedx speaker, being endorsed by one of the most well-known names in the personal development industry and owning a thriving coaching business. Now I would like to share this strategy with you.


What it's like working with Elease


People who want to make long-lasting improvements in their lives might benefit from Elease's realistic and doable guidance.

- Lynne is a writer who lives in New York City (Verified Amazon Customer)


Professor Wiggins is the type of professor I enjoy the most. One who is not hesitant to combine real-world solutions with the theoretical subject matter is a good candidate.

- Thiha Maw (LaGuardia Community College Graduate)


Elease's coaching was exactly what I needed at the right time. I can picture myself achieving my objectives right now.

- Janet (Former Virtual Coaching Client)


Elease promotes an optimistic mindset that may assist in coping with even the most difficult of circumstances. Her approach is manageable and helpful, a breath of new air.

- Ishmael M.Ishmael M.(Former Online Student)


Working with Elease challenges me to push myself to constantly be a better version or improved person; To be aligned emotionally and intellectually amidst trials. The coaching inspires me to not give up, to yield not and to look for alternative ways of making money. Motherhood tips too. The list can go on….

-Joyce (Coaching Group Member)  

Elease’s coaching transformed my life by helping me get to the root of my problems.  Instead of giving me the answers, she aided me to understand my own issues. Having reminded me I am supported.

-Briana (ChangeU Online Student)


Well first let’s start with I figured out my actual career path! I was all over the place I was still a vet tech major. After getting diagnosed, the mental defense training pushed me to let my diagnosis be a mean of collateral not a disability. Participating in support groups have showed me there’s a lane for me and all I gotta do is put my work out there.

-Brittany (LaGuardia Community College Graduate/ Coaching Group Member)



I'd Like To Assist You In Overcoming Burnout!


Let me be your Mental Health Coach for the next 30- Days Let's face it, being a mother is challenging, However, with the ability to be vulnerable in a safe and supportive environment, will have you feeling validated, clear, and secure. Learn more about the Mental Defense Coaching Program here.



What is Included in the Mental Defense Coaching Program?

The mental defense coaching program includes the following points:


  • 1- one-on-one 45-minute virtual mental defense discovery session

  • Lifetime Access to a private Facebook resource group

  • 30-day Access to an online email course

  • 4- week group virtual coaching calls

  • 1- Transformation Calendar

  • 1- Action Guide


Pricing Information for You: $147.00


I recall reading somewhere, "There is no chain of disasters that will not come to an end," This means that COVID -19 will not last forever. The strategies taught in the Mental Defense Coaching program are practical, and proven. Do you want to put a stop to your mental anguish and get relief now? If you answered yes, allow me to work with you. Do not allow fear, your past, other people's opinions, and COVID-19, prevent you from investing in your well-being!


There is a limit to the amount of space available. Enroll Now!


10% of all proceeds are contributed to Communities Promoting Reading (CPR). CPR is a non-profit organization that assist low-income students enrolled in GED, Adult Continuing Education, and College courses who file as head of household.Greetings MOM (Mothers Overcoming Mental Health Challenges),

I want this!

Are you an overwhelmed mother, experiencing burnout? Do you need someone to talk to who will listen with no judgement?

30 Days of Individual & Group Coaching
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Are You A Mother Experiencing Burnout & Need Relief?

0 ratings
I want this!